#FPQ205 – Fandango’s Provocative Question

And what is the question? This: Are you planning to formally and officially register for this year’s A to Z Blogging Challenge, pick a theme, and participate? Why or why not? Or, are you planning to informally and unofficially participate in this year’s A to Z Blogging Challenge on an ad hoc basis? Or, are you going to skip … Continue reading #FPQ205 – Fandango’s Provocative Question


You're writing your autobiography. What's your opening sentence? I'm writing my autobiography, it seems, and someone wonders what the opening sentence would be? That's not an easy answer, because the opening sentence is always the last part of the work. Most writers know this because it's only when you get to the end that you … Continue reading Perception

And now I’m Banning Words …

I’ll second the call to ban this word (out of context)!

Sissy Dunn - Author

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

What word would it be? I can think of many, but in the last few years the word that annoys me most is ‘impact’. Everything ‘impacts’. In most cases, the word used should be affect, but because the person saying whatever it is they’re saying (this is usually the news) they use impact for everything.

Impact, in meaning, is about ‘force’, not how someone or something is affected.

The floods – how many people were ‘impacted’? No. How many people were affected? Which means, how many people did this have an effect on, or make a difference to? Nothing to do with force.

So, rant over. Next week, I’ll go back to doing a short story. Promise.

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Pastry Days

For Valentine’s Day

Sissy Dunn - Author

The best coffee and pastry shop in Adelaide. Mari’s café. Today, Mike was going to ask her out to dinner. Stefano’s, to be precise. A Michelin star restaurant. And dancing at the new club after dinner. They’d show the young folk real dancing, real passion in the steps and movements.

Today, the flirting stopped and the courting began. He didn’t count their youthful attempt at pairing up. Too long ago; they were both inexperienced and heading in different directions. That was then, and this was now. It was time to get serious.

Mike ran his hands down his smartest summer shirt, flattened the silk tie he’d bought in Singapore when on shore leave, and fluffed his white hair the way that first caught her attention. He checked his eyes, put a couple of bright-eye drops in, and checked for flaws, stains or missing buttons in the hall mirror.

That was…

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