Out of …


Ever have those times when the story wants to be told, things want to happen, it’s all there ready to run its race, and then … nothing.

Not a single word comes into play.

I’m sure there’s a name for this. But, just to be different, I’m going to give it a shape and colour and sound.

It’s a yellow and red cup with holes in places where air passes over the hot liquid and sings to the person who’s struggling to get the drink! Yellow and red – why those colours? Fire. I’m lacking a bit of the fire to get the expedition (story) underway. Cup – for sustenance, and the holes – can’t get it. And music – we all need music, but this music doesn’t work unless all things are lined up in the right place with the right contents and held in the right way.

It’s a pattern. There’s a trick to it. There always is. Fancy cups that don’t seem to be able to … aha … put the thumb here and the finger there, and – sustenance!

Stage one complete.

Now – words … do they come forth?

No. Okay, what next?

When the path is hidden, create a map.

I understand that, and I usually plan things, and when the plan goes a bit wonky (yes, they usually do – flexibility is part of the plan), use another strategy.

Onto the ‘Chain of Events’ – if this happens it must have an effect on that, and that then hits the place here, and this and that and there and then and now and when …

Stage two complete.

Sit and look and wait for the words to flow. Nothing?

What next?

Any ideas?

I won’t call it writer’s block, because it’s not. The story is pounding away in my head, I can visualise, hear and smell and feel the story … it’s just too damned hot.

40C (104F). or 44C (111F). or maybe 46C (114F). It’s hot. And there’s going to be several days of this. Maybe weeks. We’ve already had weeks. The water situation is … bad (yes, they have a desal unit, but apparently it costs too much to run!).

Sitting in front of a computer that generates heat … it’s all too much. I’m going to … sleep.

The words can wait … and you already have some of my stories out there – this anthology is on Kindle Unlimited, so read … I’m going back to bed.


10 thoughts on “Out of …

  1. I feel ya. For me it’s usually my characters spinning around like sugared up two-years-olds going ME! Me! memememememe, but its like they speak a different language and I can’t quite translate. I get the idea but no way to express it. 😉 Yeah, a nap sounds good right now.

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    • It’s the same everywhere at the moment, and travelling from one place to another …
      I’m staying home with the dog, the fan, the bucket of ice water, wet cloths over the feet and head, iced tea … and no thinking …

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  2. My previous laptop fried in a summer, the battery swelled and gave up. Once it’s over 34 I find I’m less productive. Though I’ve yet to take a glass of wine or stubby of beer and type in a cold bath 🙂

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