I’d like you to meet:

Boof (aka Thom Thumper, Boss and Barbarian of all He Surveyed)



boof at work



Anniversary … 15 years



8 thoughts on “I’d like you to meet:

  1. Oh, no! That’s what you have a dog for, isn’t it?
    Whenever he did something (usually very) naughty (like unroll all the toilet paper), he’d just sit there and look at the humans, but the dog would look guilty – took the rap for him every time!
    they did have some fantastic racing games up and down the hallway, though …


    • Boof is the black smoke, Slim is the shadow-tabby. Mini is the calico (friend’s cat we boarded on a regular basis). Mr Cat (no pictures remain of him after the Ash Wednesday fires) was all white with a dusting of grey across one ear. I miss them all.

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      • The one on the bike is the kitten Boof – he was called a black smoke, but over time, the smokey lines were hidden under the darker tips. Still there, but only if you were close enough!


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