The Road to Hell

It's music. Here. But someone tagged me, and it was about cities, towns, something Rudy built. Sorry, Jim, I don't do the townscapes. I was listening to music. The road to hell, to be precise, by Chris Rea. I love that music, it's music for a constant traveller. There are others. I have favourites, and … Continue reading The Road to Hell

A Daily Dribble

Or a Weekly Wee Or a Monthly monster? Not at all what you think, of course, but how would I know what you think? My psychic abilities were abandoned to the blue garden fairy when she got lost. Like most of those folk, she didn't think I wanted it back ... What am I talking … Continue reading A Daily Dribble

The Old Bones

The storm came that night, that's how I remember it. Lightning and thunder scare the grumpkins outta the dog, and she patters around, panting and whining and fretting. I gotta get up, do stuff, turn the kettle on, make noise. Otherwise, she freaks out all night and nobody sleeps. the storm comes The storm? Oh, … Continue reading The Old Bones