A Daily Dribble

Or a Weekly Wee

Or a Monthly monster?

Not at all what you think, of course, but how would I know what you think? My psychic abilities were abandoned to the blue garden fairy when she got lost. Like most of those folk, she didn’t think I wanted it back …

What am I talking about? I want to try to be consistent with this platform (please take special notice of the ‘try’ and despite the prevalence of Yoda-ism, it is not an accident, but a deliberate intent).

I want to do a regular post.

I do.


But I have three biggish projects, the editing is getting heavier (the story is getting way better!), and … my poor old body can’t keep up.

At least the head-space is doing okay. I haven’t forgotten anything important for a while.

Now, I have to define important here. I don’t mean birthdays or anniversaries or other such stuff. They are inconsequential when it comes to the life of a storyteller.

Don’t look at me like that.

I’m married to someone who forgot/forgets the anniversary every year, so why should there be a problem? Maybe I chose this person for that reason alone. I’ll never know. It wasn’t one of the criteria for a long and interesting relationship.

Notice the lack of the word happy? We have had moments of happiness, but the best times come with a bit of friction, and when we learn something about the other we didn’t know.

And some secrets that take 30 years to come out are very interesting … to a writer.

No secret is safe. I have a new and juicy element to add to a story.


No more new stories.

I have a suspense novella, with a touch of scary stuff, set in the outback of Australia. It’s due out this month, but I’m considering doing something a bit different – what would happen if I put it on the pre-purchase option and got a boost in numbers of ‘opening’ day?

That’s the ‘zon effect. I’m considering it because the algorithm places spikes ahead of other forms of sales.

Will I? Won’t I?

And there’s a collaboration project that’s based on an Eddic-style story – part poetry, part prose, with a single character, dark and obsessed …

But no more of that. You’ll find out when it happens, but if you like neo-Noir, wearing sunglasses in the dark, finding purpose …

Stay Tuned.

And then there’s the other two. Yes, I lied. There are four projects, but the noir Eddic form is a.l.m.o.s.t. t.h.e.r.e … and it shall be shown in this world, the secret revealed … soon.

Back to the original, long-lost thought:

Daily dribbles, a short post to ensure I still live.

A weekly wee post, definitely not yellow-themed, or long, or tedious.

Or, as a last resort to keep the nose to the grindstone, a monthly meander? Okay, I said monster up there, but that’s because I like monsters, and probably prefer their company to the niceties of normal. But a bit of a wander through the garden of my mind once a month …

I could do that.

As to what actually happens, stay tuned.

There will be stories available soon. Very soon.

16 thoughts on “A Daily Dribble

  1. Try the pre-orders Cage. Just don’t make the lead time quite as long as I did (months). It didn’t do any harm, but I grew weary of having the work out there but not, and I think it messed with reviewers when they couldn’t post it to the sale site until after pre-order time was past.

    It hgot stale. A few weeks would be ok, though, I think.

    Interested in what others think, on this.

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  2. I’ve never done a pre-order, so I’ll be interested in seeing how it goes if you go ahead.
    -waves to Frank- Yes! I’m one of those who lost track of time. It’s a pity Amazon can’t save up ARC reviews and display them on publication day. That would make pre-orders a lot more functional, imho.
    -waves at Cage- Where did those gorgeous images come from? You know I’m a graphics whore. Please tell. 😀

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    • Um, I think 3 came from Pixabay, one is moi, one is an unknown, but probably Pixabay from a long time ago … I can’t do pics, have to beg, borrow or buy, sadly. It always takes a long time to trowel through the pics though, to find just the right one


      • Yeah, me too. 😦 I was born without the camera gene, but I recognize beauty when I see it. Nice to hear that you’ve got so many new projects on the go. Looking forward to them. 🙂

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