What Makes a Happy Storyteller?

Reviews. Especially from people the writer respects and values as professional and sincere, a person with integrity, someone who helps and advises with flair and honesty.

Why am I waffling on?

Let me fill you in:

It was the year 2017. I wrote a quick story during NaNoWriMo and self-published it. The story didn’t turn out the way I planned. That’s one of the benefits of quick-step planning and writing – the result can be … interesting.

This story turned out to be an allegory. Environmental. It spun the words into the world, and I loved them. There were bits that needed some light fixing, but overall, the effect was what I would expect from this type of story.

And people like the story. Of course, everyone has a slightly different take on what it means, how to read it.

That’s the way it should be. The reader owns the story as they read it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Which story?

This one, and it got a review from a very special person – go ahead and have a look:

GoodReads, or Amazon.

Would you like to read it? Talk about it? Share it?

Or do you want to wait for the next story, due out as soon as I can get the cover, the editing, the final, final, final touches done …

It has a name, it almost has a cover, and the blurb could be along the lines of:

Eyza Heran, an esteemed biologist, returns to Lake Eyre for the annual bird-count and silent contemplation — but hallucinations of talking birds have her packing to go home.
Kano, a research geologist, searches for a rare mineral — but he finds his nightmares come to life.
After millennia of slumber, the invader breaks free of the confines and seeks to open a gateway for his brethren — and it needs Kano’s body for the task, but not his mind …
Can Kano’s ravaged mind make itself heard above the creature’s roar of destruction? Can he convince Eyza to kill him before it’s too late?
Kano and Eyza must defeat the enemy while there’s only one, because if they fail, the world belongs to the Other, and slavery, torture, death will be blessings bestowed on all the beings of Earth.

* I will have the title and the name of the invader when the book is ready to fly out to the readers.

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  1. Fabulous review by one of my favourite authors! Bravo, Cage. I haven’t read this one, but I think I’ll have to now. 🙂
    Looking forward to the new book too. Almost-congratulations!

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