Nouveau Noir

Ever heard of Herja? You know, the Valkyrie sister!

How about Frank Prem? He’s the poet who’s had his books listed as No. 1 on the Amazon sites a few times. Yes, a few times! And he’s about to put out a new one later this month, too.

Did I mention that Frank and I did a collaboration?

The truth of the matter is that Frank had some poems, and I really, really liked them and wanted to stick my nose in and add some little bits between the poems.

It became a new book.

Herja, Devastation

This is the blurb:

Herja, Devastation is a tale of
myth and mortality,
wielder and implement,
love and destiny.

Free-verse poetry combines with short prose in the style of an Eddic tale modernised.

The legend of Valkyrie breathes, as
Herja, Devastation, once wronged, aims her mortal agent at her enemies, the man who bears this tale of vengeance in his service to a higher, eminently more noble being. He is her assassin and tool, and she is his destiny and dignity.
In the dirty business of death on demand, a purity of purpose lights the path as he seeks questions, provides answers and justice on her word.

This blending of literary forms creates a unique nouveau noir style for the 21st Century.
Do you dare to tread the dark side?

* * *

Do you want to see a potential cover? It’s not finished, not quite, but soon you will see the wings unfurl and justice descend through the hand of her weapon.

In the meantime, I give you something that may feature in the cover:

Pic from Pixabay

Herja, Devastation.

Frank Prem, poetry & Cage Dunn, prose

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