Running Around Like a Blue-A…d Fly

An Australianism? Not sure, but I’ve heard it said in places far and near. However, that’s not the point.

So, what is?

I’m learning new things. New things take up space in the brain. It’s hard.

Why do it?

It’s a new world out there. We have to learn to live in it, adapt. And the latest little blip caught my attention and spun into a web of intrigue — of course, it’s all going into the next thriller story — about how our systems change with time and need.

I’m not saying whose need.

The world changes, and we change or get left behind. Or … [to be advised when the story’s ready].

Research into the monetary systems, the political systems, sec-tech, etc., and my head spins like a front-loader with nothing to wash. All splash and spin and whine, no output. Or should that be a blue-a…d fly? All buzz and drone and nasty stuff with no clear direction.

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However, all that business is a side-line for the moment. It can get input to the grey-goo in the head, but first, I’m going to do an anthology. A short on shorter stories for KU.


Sometimes, the main stories need time to stew and brew. The main reason, though, is to remain visible. There are so many stories in the eWorld that it’s hard to be seen. One way to do that is to keep producing [good] stuff for people to ‘find’.

Sometimes, I think I should go back and ‘fix’ some of the other anthologies … but I don’t. They are what they are, and the new stories are pounding on the eardrums.

‘Pick me!’ they yell. And yell. And yell.

That’s what I’ll be doing. An anthology will be created using one quarter of one side of the brain; the main ms will use up half of one side and a quarter of the other, and the rest of the brain functions go to keeping the body alive.

What a life! Who said writing is easy?

A case in point:

… I think I tried to define a scene for someone the other day — they didn’t believe that we all have ways to come at issues and problems that are similar in structure. Why do people hate the idea of structure?

Think about it:

Problem/goal — gotta get to work.
Obstacles/blocks — no clean clothes, no socks, can’t find the shoes! Water cold in the shower. ETC.
Result/disaster — late for work. Again. Docked.

Simple, but could I explain it that way the other day? Nope. I was in ‘writer’ speak, and didn’t make sense.

Okay, don’t laugh. Sometimes, I do make sense, but take a picture — it won’t happen every day, I assure you. I am a writer, I live in a different context. And dimension. And probably hemisphere.

And there are reviews of Herja, Devastation. One on BookBub, one on GoodReads — any others I don’t know about?

It’s an amazing story, it truly is. You should read it — #1 New Release in its category.

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  1. Primarily heard in UK, Australia, to run around like a blue arsed fly means, to work quickly and with much activity while trying to accomplish a large number of tasks, perhaps simultaneously, thus one who is am accomplished multitasker.

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