Stories of Hope is aimed at helping gather donations for the bushfire crisis in Australia. Submissions are closed, the book will be coming our way soon enough - I'll certainly let you know! - and it will be eBook only to save on the costs of creating a paperback. A friend asked me if I'd … Continue reading Hope

loss (of everything) and sleep

The aftermath is closer than we think …

Frank Prem Poetry

he said

I thought
I had enough

I’d covered the place
for more
than the cost
and I thought
for sure
that would be enough

it seems as though
it is never
quite as much
as you first thought

it seems as though
the costs
are always

the bank claimed
to get money back
for the mortgage

they change re-building rules
you know

to make things better

to make sure
houses in the bush
are built
much stronger
next time around



as though
any kind of strong
could withstand
a fire
like this one was

anyway . . .

anyway . . .

I ended up
in debt again
I found my business
was in strife

no customers
no visitors

no tourists

for much too long

I had to leave it

and the memories I hold

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#Authorsforfireys – a fund raiser


Frank Prem Poetry

I came across this wonderful initiative this morning and felt the immediate wish to participate.

A group of authors has banded together to create a twitter auction for signed books or other ‘author’ objects, with proceeds going to the Victorian Country Fire Authority (see the relevant website here: https://authorsforfireys.wixsite.com/website ).

I haven’t done anything like this before, but very much want to support this effort with a signed copy (or more) of my free verse poetry memoir Small Town Kid.

The link to my offer on Twitter is here.

I would welcome interest and bidding for my book r any other author offered book or object. The Twitter hashtag to look over offerings from other authors is: #AUTHORSFORFIREYS

If there is interest, I’ll look at auctioning more. Haven’t done this before.

Please feel free to share or otherwise pass on information about the Auction. It’s one of the few…

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Short versions of deep stories, with no price attached -- shall I tell you about them? An aside: The Goodreads page is difficult to find. It's a lesson to storytellers -- make the title as close to unique as possible so readers can find it when they hear about it! Thanks, Li, for bringing this … Continue reading Purpose