Arrrrghh! Where did it go?

It’s about Goodreads and Titles. Once bitten by the bug that makes things disappear into the ether, I’ve become a bit paranoid — and no, it’s not about a mosquito or other bitey. Slightly different, but still makes me feel sick.

It’s a regular habit — I go looking for my books, and the books I want to read. When I look for my books and can’t find them [Aaaaaaah! Panic, run around like a blue-arsed fly!], I wonder what I’ve done to deserve it.

Keep searching, I tell myself, it’s only a little glitch, a bug in the code … and I find it eventually, but not easily found, and not where it should be.

Which one [this time]?

This one:

It doesn’t show up in the normal search, but it’s there. What happened?

No answer forthcoming, ‘cos I don’t understand. And I’ve been in trouble in Goodreads before, so I’m a bit cautious … I’ll wait a little while, but for this week, the week where the title is going to be out and about in town, I need it visible.

So, if you’re looking, it’s there, and if you want to read it, it’s here:


on Amazon (for your local eStore)

And I’ll keep chasing my tail to try to find out what I did this time …

22 thoughts on “Arrrrghh! Where did it go?

  1. That’s weird! I did a search for it too, with both a single ‘l’ and a double ‘l’. Zip. Nada. Searched under author name too. 2 pages of books – I had no idea you were so prolific! Still nothing. That is so weird. 😦

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  2. Did you find it in a search? I’ve just discovered a message that says ‘search is not available, use this time to read a book’ – so maybe it’s not something I’ve done …


  3. I found it with “Diaballein” but i used the direct link from the post first and then did a successful search so don’t know if that made a difference that I went to the page first.

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