loss (of everything) and sleep

The aftermath is closer than we think …

Frank Prem Poetry

he said

I thought
I had enough

I’d covered the place
for more
than the cost
and I thought
for sure
that would be enough

it seems as though
it is never
quite as much
as you first thought

it seems as though
the costs
are always

the bank claimed
to get money back
for the mortgage

they change re-building rules
you know

to make things better

to make sure
houses in the bush
are built
much stronger
next time around



as though
any kind of strong
could withstand
a fire
like this one was

anyway . . .

anyway . . .

I ended up
in debt again
I found my business
was in strife

no customers
no visitors

no tourists

for much too long

I had to leave it

and the memories I hold

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7 thoughts on “loss (of everything) and sleep

    • There are people fighting insurance and gov agencies just to prove they live somewhere – who updates the data to stop this extra stress?
      I’ve been through three major bushfires, run away from two more. This is the worst one yet, and the ‘season’ has just started (the fires, though, they started in September).

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      • We had our first refugee, two nights ago. A friend running a fire too close to where she lived. Just the dog and a few thrown together objects.

        That burn was out by morning and she was able to go home.

        The great irony is that the town she fled from (the nearest major town) is the place we are supposed to evacuate to if we get in trouble. Theoretically, my area is the more vulnerable.

        Just watch us all run as this comes back again in a week or so.

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