What Can I Say?

Apart from the usual.

I’ve been editing this story for so long, completed two other projects in between, decided to give up on it a few days ago — which led to a long dream-session where I saw the finished product so clearly …

And all these other stories keep calling out to me, tempting me, teasing me with exciting people and places and words and journeys …

But I have to finish it. Even if it takes me way too long. It’s a year overdue. A whole year of trying to fix bits, remove bits, operate here and there, make sure there’s nothing that can bite me on the butt.

Should I make this a long story short? Okay.

I will finish it, I will ignore all the siren-songs in the back of my head.

I will not write another story in the same vein.

From now on, I’m going with the Dark Fantasy/Light Horror, Urban Fantasy, Outback/Aussie stories — all with suspense and stuff — but no more in the thriller vein, no more with political undertones … I’m giving up on writing that genre, but not until I finish this one.

A story that’s started and not finished is like an ear-worm in your dreams. It doesn’t give up, it doesn’t allow deep sleep. Not when it’s as far along as this one is — it wants to be born.

I go on, look for me on the hustings one day, hopefully soon.

I shall return — I’m sure that’s been said before, and not by me.

Next item I intend to work on will be the cover. I will do a reveal. I hope the cover will help formalise the commitment.

Breathe, I say, breathe and continue, walk to the end of the road, see what is there to be seen, do what needs to be done so the gate can be closed …

24 thoughts on “What Can I Say?

  1. The stage you describe is so familiar. So many of us falter on the journey from the beginning to the end. They say that most of us won’t make it, and that makes me try all the harder. How about you?

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      • lol – if that doesn’t work, go into the kitchen and make bread dough. Slapping that dough around is highly therapeutic. It also does this Zen thing of freeing up the sub-conscious. I wouldn’t necessarily try to eat it though…:/

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  2. Cage, in a bit of serendipity, I JUST finished watching a youtube’d conversation between Thom Yorke and Stephen Colbert and the significance of dreams. If you’re dreaming about it like that you must finish it. You can see the video at the bottom of this week’s SLS posting (once I post it later tonight.)

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  3. Wasn’t there an inventor who was struggling with something and then had a dream that solved the problem? Sometimes though taking a short break and coming back fresh helps to see things in a new light too and then the work flows. I’m sure you’ll solve your logjam. Editing is always the hardest part, I think. I’m lousy at it and give you kudos for sticking with it.

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