Stories of Hope – It’s Here!

It’s an eBook only (a lot of stories in there, lots of people wanting to help), and all proceeds from the anthology will be distributed to the WWF Bushfire Relief Fund and Red Cross.

Now available for pre-order — I’m ordering mine now, and I hope you have a look when it comes out, or put your order in to get the rush from short stories, poetry, dreams and aftermath that lead toward Hope.

Have a look; the preview will be available soon, just a few days away …

And a sneak peek at the poster for the cover:

And now I have to update my story from the draft folder and slip it into the published folder.

Oh, my story? It’s Muddy n Milly. I hope you enjoy this little story that slipped from the universe to my synapses and onto the page … yes, it’s magic.

Frank Prem has ‘dust (and earth) rising’ in there, and Nikki Lee with ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Smoke’. I’m sure there’ll be something you’ll love, that will spark your sense of hope.

Please put a copy on your buy list to support the people, animals, and places that were burned out in the Australian summer of 2019-2020, many still contending with high-risk conditions, flare-ups, and continuing devastation and the losses and emotional turmoil that always steps in these dark places.

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