A Day of Kings

How likely is it that all the Kings come out of the Tarot deck in the one reading?

If I were to say I’d never seen it before, it’s because there might be a few reasons.

One: I don’t do card readings very often (and usually for a character in a story, who might be a bit stuck in the situation — how do I get them out of this? Drag out the cards!).

Two: When I did do readings (a long time ago in a city far, far away) I had my own deck, made by the foster kids, and I knew every card by feel — and could slip past the cards that would shock the person being read. I know that’s not the right thing to do, but if the person is depressed or suffering in some way, I wasn’t going to reinforce the pain.

Give hope, and light the path forward, so sayeth the Hermit, the Fool, and the Star. Much better than four old men making rules … ahem.

Three: When things come in pairs or triples, it strengthens the underlying effect. Three Kings, three men, and the feeling of being out-manned, or dealing with bureaucracies, or the weight of a judgement coming down from on high …

But Four Kings! Is it the Four Horsemen and I’ve got to pay for the sins I’ve committed?

Oh, the interesting bit, what it’s really all about — what sins?

The book about the Spy with the Glass Eye — I put the story to bed (in a cardboard box that stores lost dreams, under the table in the spare room, the room filled with memories and sparks, and one or two moments of time I never want to lose, but can’t look at in daylight).

The weight of that obligation is lifted. I feel lighter, freer. And sadder.

It feels like I abandoned a child, but sometimes, well, biting the bullet comes to mind. If it’s not happening, and the other stuff is flowing like a river in flood … says it all.

Oh, yes. I did a few Dark Fantasy pieces (like Urban Fantasy, set in contemporary times but with dark things filling the spaces with fears and wonders). The ideas came easy, the words flowed, and I submitted two pieces in a short time.

The storyteller is back in the passion of prose …

Now, back to those Kings … I still don’t know what they mean, but I’ll call it as the character in the story facing a panel of judges — and the ruling is not going her way.

Learning to Fly — where are the wings??

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