Not the scratchy kind. This Itchy is a bloke in a story. The one I submitted for Outback Horrors by Things in the Well.

The email came, and I ignored it for a few minutes, responded to some other stuff, kept glancing at it. Clicked on the tab to open it, read it —

The only words I saw were:

accepting your story ‘Itchy’ for my Outback Horrors anthology!

cover draft 2

So, today I’ll be floating around and sneaking in a bit of an edit, and floating around, and maybe I’ll have a huge coffee with cream and ice-cream and some favourite bikkies … and doing a bit of an edit …

I’ll let you know when it comes out …

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    • Bikkies can also be biscuits, made from dough, so the double reference is also to money, but I just like the Anzac bikkies dunked in tea or coffee or hot choc. Good stuff, gooey and tasty.

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