Read the Cards

Hmmm, energy abounds, says one draw. But I’m a bit tired and might have a nap before I consider the message further …

Or maybe pull another card: Judgement. Yes, sounds much more interesting.

Oh, Judgement. What does it mean – am I to sit in judgement? Of what or whom? Me or them?

Do I judge others? Of course. The way they dress, speak, treat others. It all represents the way that person moves through the world. I judge them based on the masks they present to me.

Do they judge me? Probably. Do I care? Not one whit. No, really. If I had to worry about how other people wanted to judge me, I’d never get a chance to breathe for myself. They can think what they like and if I don’t know about it, I can’t care. People are free to think what they like.

It’s the actions that count. We are what we do, not what we say.

Or should I be considering the other side of Judgement – making a decision, weighing up the pros and cons, pretending I know anything about either side. Black and white are extremes, so how grey-dark or silver-white will this choice be? Not a good or evil choice, because sometimes one masquerades as the other, and makes a good show of it.

We see a vision of something based on our history, our experiences, our knowledge.

Will I make the right choice? That is the question I will carry for this card.

What is the next one?


That means it’s time for a cuppa and bikkies and that long-awaited nap.


Pic from Pixabay

Or maybe it means I’m a fool to sit here not doing what I should be doing? I think that’s it.

Maybe I should do the #AmWriting tag and get back to work …

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