Bending Tropes

Mistakes happen. They do. Lots of people make them, and that’s why they taste so sour.

What did I do? Confession time, I fear.

Well, I bent a trope and the rope in the trope has a knot in the end that belted me on the backside and left a blue bruise.


Oh, okay, I’ll start from the beginning.

The Horse story here is about an ex-operative looking for a life of semi-retirement. That was how the story opened. She found a house and moved in and then the problems started – problems that may have followed her from her last op, and these problems had to be dealt with before the chance at a normal life could happen.

However, the tropes for spy stories and thrillers and such don’t fit this story. That’s the background, but not the story.

She started out saying she wanted to retire, but she had to do some ‘cleaning’ for that to happen, and during the middle of the story she has difficulty setting aside the past because it followed her, intruded on her need.

What happened was that she returned to the operative, hard as nails, over-controlling, unable to think beyond the needs of the mission.

The two people she meets had other ideas about who she could be, and they interact as a foil, a mirror, of what life could be, what she wanted.

Does she see that?

Nope, not until the end where she had the chance to become her old self, or to let the new self through. She chose, and that choice was a high-risk strategy.

After that, she put the mask back on for her ex-boss, but the decision was made. She’s looking for a new home, retiring from the trade.

Now, back to trope expectations …

This story doesn’t fit the trope for thriller, spy, espionage – except that’s where the character came from, her background, the inner turmoil in her life.

So what genre and trope do fit the story?

I don’t know. Still. But I’ll keep working on it, keep looking at how tropes and expectations can fit this story, and then I’ll update the categories …

In the meantime, enjoy every book you read, live every story with passion and care, and keep on reading on …

Oh, here’s the preview:

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  1. Whatever the trope is that is used when a professional tries to retire to a peaceful life but gets called back to do what they do best. I think your story fits in the thriller and/or detective category, as there is plenty of action and a mystery to solve.

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