How to go Nuts Gangbuster Style

Tech makes things easier, right? People can get things done faster, see results, be more productive ?????

The last few weeks (not counting) have driven me nuts, nuttier, and gangbuster nuts.


It’s the internet.


We have what’s called the National Broadband Network. Lots of fancy words to make it sound super-duper groovy, never-go-without-connection cool …

The truth?

I spend a bit of time each day going through posts and stuff online, but when I try to like or read or click on or … well, any-bloody-thing – then it all slows down to a drag, flickers on and off so I lose any online work I’d done, and the likes and comments never happen ‘cos the connection gets cut off and not saved!

Grrr! Aaarrrrrrgh! and much more.

Trust me, I’m not ignoring anyone, but I can’t stay online for more than ten or so seconds at a time and if I have to wait (that crazy swirling little circle thing I’ve started getting a crush on), then it comes back with no memory of what I was doing, where, or to whom.

I swear and stamp and do a lolly, but it doesn’t help.

pixabay pic, now my favourite

However, the world will one day emerge …

Should I hold my breath for the internet will improve?

No, I didn’t think so.

Maybe I’ll see you on the other side.

21 thoughts on “How to go Nuts Gangbuster Style

  1. In these days of isolation, THAT problem would drive me to throw my laptop right out the window! I’d avoid getting on. Have you tried a different time? Like one in the morning?

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    • I generally try to work from 0600 to 1100 because the rest of the day is crazy, but now it’s 24 hours. And even now, at six o’clock in the blessed a.m. the light flickers on and off every few seconds. I have to do stuff quick, have a backup ready all the time. And I can’t back up the likes and comments I make on other sites, and when they don’t take I just get cranky (that’s me, Cranky Old Fart, aka COF Syndrome).

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  2. Same with us here – we are in a semi-rural area, hardly remote countryside.
    The net effect of us all working from home plus all the kiddos home schooling has created a knuckle-chewing, desk-biting, hair-pulling experience.

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    • It’s a nightmare, and I’m not even semi-rural – right in the middle of surburbia, across the road from a pub and two schools within kicking distance. The rural areas would be suffering considerably more than me.

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    • I think what annoys me most is that I comment and like posts, but get kicked out so often that nothing ‘sticks’. I can respond on my own posts, so why not the others? The only explanation that makes any sense is the constant waiting, waiting, waiting circle of doom – which then kicks me out of the

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