An Idea

It’s been on the backburner for a while, and as I have so much trouble staying online for more than half a minute at a time, this is what you get. It’s a bit of fun, and one day it may be a real story.

This is how my stories start life:

Two: Robbers, Roos & Roses

Idea: She feeds the big roos to keep them out of her roses, and when she’s robbed, bashed, and about to be abducted, what happens? Who’s there to save her?

Genre: Australiana

Where, when, who – working on it.

OPEN: mulching the garden, half over the fence – plus his favourite treat – the bath water drained into the gully for the mob to get access to green grass, check the fence between the garden and the gully is stable. The garden must be secured against the boomer, who jumps six foot without thinking about it.

THEME: don’t spoil the wild-life with special treats – they’ll never leave

SETUP: Country life, garden marauders.

CATALYST: she’s expecting the regular delivery, but the kid turns up with escaped prisoners (2).

DEBATE: what do we do with her and him? We can hide out here …

BREAK: the kid will be missed – tells them the store will call her – she thinks they’ll go.

B-STORY: they trash the joint, break the things she treasures more than money.

PINCH: they found the shotgun. One gets wounded when she fights them for it.


MID: tell them where the booze is – should she warn them how strong home-made is, or what she really uses it for? Nah.

AGAINST IT: Get the kid out after they pass out – tell him the gully shortcut – watch out for the boomer – go OVER the ridge, even though it’s tougher, longer. Don’t go along the main track. Go OVER.

PINCH: Where is the kid? She’s bashed, dragged outside.



BREAK: she points out the gully track – sees kids shirt on the trail.

PREP FOR FINALE: she packs food and drink – he makes her taste everything first. It works, the injured one stays, and he wants food, medicine – and he doesn’t get her to test any of it.

SHOWDOWN: the sammo, the big boomer wants his treat. By the time the cops come, crooks happy to go back to prison.


The moral of the tale: country life isn’t the quiet life, nor the easy life.


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