FOWC – Penchant, not Pedant

This guy:


does this thing and offers up a word to make a few words of wasteful wantoness.

Not really, but today for me is a day of whimsy. I’m not editing, so this state of mind is a way to play out a story. I have a penchant for wilderness writing, childish writing, overly deep and meaningful wordiness in the first draft.

It’s in the editing that the pedantry comes in. That’s its place. Not here. Oh, no — this is the time to let the hair down, let it all go, dream big, write bigger, put it all in …

And write now (deliberate), I’m playing, singing, dancing (in my mind), devising weird and wonderful ways to get the story to fly beyond the realms of a dream and into the world, onto the page … to become.

I wish you well on your Sunday of silver dreams, of the full moon shining in your window as you sleep in the arms of the night sky’s guardian …

and off I go back to work, to play harder, to push further into the mists of unreality.

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