Outback Horrors available for Pre-Order!

Do you like a scary story? While you’re there, I’d like you to meet Itchy. He’d be happy with a new-old car, coupla beers, and dreams of a better future after his stint in the goldfields, but there’s more than claim-jumpers waiting, watching

Things in the Well

Available on 31st August, the latest anthology Outback Horrors Down Under is available for pre-order now! Not long now till we bring you 11 great new storiesfrom 11 of Australia and New Zealand’s best horror writers! This book has been a long time coming, something I set my mind on doing back in 2012 before Things in the Well was a twinkling in my manic eye! – SteveTOC

Rapture Ghost house ripped from the ground flying above a country road in a stormy day with lightnings in the sky.

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