Mid-August, already?

First, the What? An update, short and sweet.

The back is not behaving, and much as I try to scroll through the WP feed, I fail to get far. Keeping up, but not regularly. I’m still here, and there will be a return.


When the back is good enough to park me in the work chair for more than a few minutes. Which isn’t now, and isn’t soon. Maybe a couple more weeks.


I still have stories to tell, lots and lots of stories to tell, and they don’t write themselves. In a few days (maybe a week or so, maybe two), I’ll tell you about the next round. All shorter stories this time, novelettes, novellas, and lots, lots, lots of ideas.

That’s all for the moment. It’s a short note to say I haven’t run away, gone mad, gone bush, or gone arse-up.

And I will most definitely be back.

Oh, btw — did you see the OBH book? I have a story in there, Itchy’s story of the goldfields …

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13 thoughts on “Mid-August, already?

  1. I certainly do hope you’ll get better soon. I know how it is to not be able to do what you want the most. Whether it’s due to the back or something else, it’s not fun. (Understatement)

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  2. Ugh. Lifelong batyle with a bad bag – hope you’re feeling better. I’ve found that some of my issues arre from tight piriformis and hamstrings snd have recently discovered the relief that hemp lotion can bring. Feel better!

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