Blue Moon

Not the song, the moon itself is appearing twice in the month.

And more exciting, for those who wish to do dastardly scary stories on Halloween, the second full moon is 31 October (we are in Australia, so check your zone — do you get a blue moon this month?).

Halloween will have a full moon. Wolves will howl, ghosts will scowl, and little kiddies will run through the bright-lit night as fast as their leggies will carry them.

That wasn’t nice, but then I have a lot of siblings. When we were kids, the best nights to tell scary stories were, of course, the full moon nights.

There are a lot more shadows and sounds and imaginary things out there when the moon is full.

There are, and I kept telling them about them, who they used to be, how they came to be where they are, and why they come back to taunt the living.

Things have changed a bit.

I’m older. They’re older. I still do the storytelling. They are still afraid. But now my stories are for a wider audience.

Or they would be. I’m still waiting for the ‘Look Inside’ feature of the new story up on Amazon. It will happen, apparently, but sometime within the 8-10 days of publishing. Meantime, it’s available through the embed link, here (yes, my fingers are crossed, as are the toes, the arms, the legs, and a few of the few hairs I have left on my head):

And I’m going to send a copy of the new story to a few readers on the morning of All Hallows Eve, and remind them that it’s not only a full moon, it’s a Blue Moon, and a Full Hunter’s Blue Moon at that. Of course, they may wonder what I mean by ‘Hunter’ but I’ll leave that to their imagination, shall I, as I howl at the moon (and attach the howl audio file to the email, of course).

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  1. A howl eh? Sounds intriguing.
    The term lunatic comes from the odd sorts who were known to increase their activity at the time of the full moon. It appears that the moon plays a part in some people’s behaviour cycle… or in all of us, just in different ways and amounts.
    – Michael

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