Nikky’s Interview …

is here.

It’s a cool pic, and before the thing that happened last year (and my hair is very long now), ‘cos I’m not coming out of my cave until I’m sure that unwelcome visitor is away and gone for good. Or close enough.

Anyway, I did an interview. Would you like to read it? And check out some of the other antipodean writers who’ve also been interviewed by Nikky — who, by the way, will have her book published soon. That’s something worth reading, and even though I’ve only seen a few initial scenes, it’s an exciting story.

And as I’m currently working on a few different projects, I thought I’d give you these two to peruse, each with one of my stories:

This anthology has my story, Itchy, still one of my favourites:

or this one, where my story isn’t horror (don’t ask me how that happened):

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year, whenever, where-ever, and however it is celebrated.

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