Missed the Starter’s Gun

When I mentioned I’d be doing a post a week (should’ve said once a month), I thought it wouldn’t take much extra effort around all the other stuff and the new course and the two new series (or serials – not sure yet).

What I didn’t count on was the extra workload that comes from the word: assignment. Not one, but three, plus the two or three or four weekly exercises. Before March.

Bugger. I’m behind. And let the blog slip a bit. Okay, a lot. Better get the whip out and stand it behind the chair.

And bum in chair on an extra session or two each day.


But I’m still here, still writing (even if it is for the course, the WIP used for some of the assignments) and still sticking my nose up occasionally.

But I’ll be back. Not sure if that’s a promise or a threat, but it will happen.


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11 thoughts on “Missed the Starter’s Gun

    • What’s that term? Continuous learning. I’ve already picked up some really good bits. And, like everyone, sometimes we need the extra effort to keep going (or is that because misery loves company?).

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      • Aaaah. Yes, that I can understand all too well. It hasn’t been easy, has it? In ten years time we’ll probably look back and wonder why we didn’t make better use of this time. And yet, it hasn’t been a creative time, at least not for me.
        Glad you’re enjoying it and getting something valuable out of it.

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      • The times in history where the people in the history-making moment are thinking on how life is lived, and rather than looking to find an escape in unreality, try to find a way out of the historical moment. All the times in history when there was a pandemic shows that people became inward-looking, ran somewhere to find safety, or hid from reality. The arts of these times are bleak and morose and never did well (wonder why?), but when it looked like the sun might shine again, the arts became lighter, offered hope for the future.
        That may be what we need to do – look for the ray of light that encapsulates hope.

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