Do You Know StoryOrigin?

It’s a new player in the field of putting authors and readers in the same game.

What do they do?

StoryOrigin has 4 fundamental types of assets that you can create:

Reader Magnets, Universal Book Links, Direct Downloads, and Review Copies.

There’s other stuff, too, but these are the basics, the curtain openers.

The above is what is used to power up newsletter swaps and group promos. You heard that right. And send traffic direct to Facebook or Twitter campaigns. I’ve heard writers talk a lot about how to boost these things, put them all together with the mail list, and the work it almost always entails keeping things under control and happening at the right time.

And Direct Downloads!

… an easy way to gift books to readers that sign up to your mailing list directly through your email service provider instead of through StoryOrigin (by creating a Direct Download page and including the link in your welcome page). StoryOrigin deals with the instructions for the readers (woo-hoo!).

Someone recommended I look into it (I was looking for an easy way to make it all happen, so I did — and I’m impressed, even though I haven’t done much about it yet — I will be!)

This is the intro from Evan, the man behind the site:

Find reviewers
1) Create a review copy or audiobook promo code request landing page
2) Apply to upcoming “Reviews” or “Audiobook Reviews” type group promos in your genre
3) Request newsletter swaps with other authors for your review copy or audio promo code request page

Build your mailing list
1) Create a reader magnet landing page
2) Apply to upcoming “Giveaway” type group promos in your genre
3) Request newsletter swaps with other authors for your reader magnet landing page

Increase Sales / Page Reads
1) Create a universal book link
2) Apply to upcoming “Sale” or “Kindle Unlimited” type group promos in your genre
3) Request newsletter swaps with other authors for your universal book link

Don’t have a newsletter or subscribers?

Check out this guide on growing from 0 to 1,000+ mailing list subscribers using StoryOrigin.

He also helps you get acquainted with StoryOrigin’s features. And his dog is a wonder-creature.

There’s also a StoryOrigin Authors Facebook Group (I’m not even on FB! so maybe …) discussing things like:

1) #Tactics to boost open/click rates
2) #Tips for writing good newsletter content
3) #Advice for authors that are new to facebook or AMS ads

I’d recommend checking out StoryOrigin before the beta stage ends to get some excellent benefits …

and, no, I don’t get anything for the plug. I’m joined up, finding it easy to get around and figure things out, and see what I need to do. I hear a lot of words said about these things while I’m looking for what I should be doing to make it easy (so I can concentrate on storytelling, not administrative tasks associated with getting the stories to readers).

I have yet to set up my email list thingy, but it’s on the work board. I promise.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Authors waving at each other

And if you’re already a member, what’s your say on it? I’d love to hear about it.

11 thoughts on “Do You Know StoryOrigin?

  1. When I heard about StoryOrigin, I wondered if it was any good, and more to the point, was it something I could manage to do. You see, I had already tried (twice) with Book Funnel, but it was so complicated I ran for the hills!

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  2. I’m leery of most marketing because it almost always involves a lot of energy on my part, and I don’t have much to spare. Does StoryOrigin charge for all these services? And if so, how much? Also, be careful who you get your newsletter from. As far as I know, while you won’t use your contact list for evil, there’s no guarantee that the company won’t. That’s one reason I refuse to sign up to any newsletters.
    Will be very interested to get updates on the service and how well it works for you.

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