Times be a-Changin’

Yep. Housekeeping time for the blog.

It’s a regular thing with the blog posts removed after a certain period of time. Pages get updated a bit, played with, but not a full spring-clean.

Now is the time.

If you don’t see me for a while, it’s because the doors are closed, the fumigators are in, the cupboards are bare, and the renovation has begun.

Any of you who have done even a small renovation will understand the mess that happens during the process.

Mud and dust, plaster and glass, tools left lying around, taps leaking, doors creaking … it goes on and on until the final stroke of the brush, the last wipe of the glass.

And that’s what I’ll be doing with this site in July – the mid-winter clean, taking everything back to the skeleton and strengthening the foundations and restructuring and shaping and polishing and planing.

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been here with this site, but the feet/fingers are itching, the need to go and do and rove is back, and the only way I can get that out of my system is to change the environment. Mixing up the house isn’t an option (blind dog), so it’s the blog that gets hit.

Things are gonna change.

But I’ll be back. Trust me.

In the meantime, I have a new story finished and due for release in October, and the follow-on story is also under construction, so if you enjoy supernatural crime stories (not police, the other side of the fence), keep an eye out for it.

Meet the man Black. Desperate people with secrets to protect call in the man who deals with problems no one else can or will. He’s the shady negotiator, the Black, whose price may be more than the weight of a soul.

Against his better judgement, Black takes on the case for Liana Benit, who wants to clear her father’s name. Black expects the case to be a quick turnaround. When his man dies, Black takes on the job himself, only to find too much nothing, which must mean something. When a friend needs help with an urgent matter, Black Black hires Ms Benit for her professional and supernatural expertise, and to keep her within his purview, even though she’s dangerous — she has a supernatural gift, and if she gets inside his head and learns his deepest, blackest secrets, he’ll have to deal with her as an enemy.

When he finds what underlies this secret that’s so buried it takes four deaths, a psychic and a double-empath pact to dig it up, will it be the secret so dangerous it tempts him to give up the game?

Oh, the cover? This is the planned cover (art from Pixabay artist)

Does it appeal?

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  1. My philosophy on blogs is, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t clean it’. That said, you have my deepest respect for the hell you are about to unleash. Be brave. 🙂

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