Here Comes the Sun

Hang on, hang on, it’s just a few minutes away. I promise. Those clouds will part and there will be the light of a bright, sunshiny day.

Okay, looks like I was wrong. Again.

But the days are getting longer, the mornings are lightening earlier, and the flowers are blooming.

Yes, they are. The purple flowers of the Happy Wanderer are spreading all along the rocks by the garage. In full bloom. The loquat tree is in full flower, as is the mango tree.

A lot of the other fruit trees are gone now, but the ones remaining are putting on their Spring clobber (that’s clothing, to non-Australians). Buds, blooms, and a season of rain.

Now, here comes the sun. Or at least, the warmer bits and occasional days that fully shine.

And here I am stuck inside doing stuff for a course. And writing. Always writing.

The edit stage of the first Black story is at the end-point, the final bits and bobs before I think about maybe doing an audio book. The first thought was to go to the big player and do the half-share of the royalties with a voice acter, but they only allow that option for a few countries, and Australia is not on the list. Options: pay the full price upfront (no can do), or do it myself (no can do at this very moment, but I can add another steep learning curve to the mountain, yes?).

Well, those were the days, my friend, and I’m still moving through them one sun-rise at a time.

And yes, still re-arranging the site and hope to have the final product in place by end July. No promises, mind, just a hopeful projection providing all goes as well as expected.

Boy, am I full of adages, cliches, and song lyrics today …

Sorry, not a single ounce of originality in my bones this week. Maybe next week, so pop on back to see how that turned out.

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