Delays or Opportunities

The delays are due to the broken thumb/wrist. I can’t work fast. Sometimes, not at all. Output to a standstill when compared to other days, weeks, months.

The opportunity, though, is to catch up with the things I need to read.

No, not fiction. I do that in bed before sleeping (without the cat these days, though he joins me in my dreams on a regular basis).

Non-fiction. SEO, web-page goodies and stuff, how to make good headlines, how to do alt text for pictures (for non-visual readers), how to make the pictures good for all devices …

The list goes on, and I can read and re-read on the eReader, but no can do on notes or implementation.

So, I re-read until I understand, and then I go out and see what others have done before diving back in for another re-read.

I know I need to fix the website. It looks rough and unkempt, like the boss spends too much time wool-gathering. I need to take down some posts and ‘fix’ them, give them solidity and structure (and I have to get into the habit of planning the posts … as everyone has recommended for as long as I’ve been ignoring the advice). They need to be easy to read, which means they can’t wander and meander and look under any rock that happens on the path.

… So I’m reading stuff to help me do that.

I wonder, who in their right mind would read front-to-back multiple times something like the Google Webmaster Guidelines? Did you know there’s a Periodic Table of SEO success factors? No, I’m not reading the periodic table. Not that desperate yet. It does have some interesting labels, though …

See how bad it is?

I need to get these bones fixed and out of the cast …

Any ideas to speed up the process … before I’m tempted to delve into that pit from whence there is no exit?

At least I have some form of plan in my head … for a little while before the eyelids slide closed and the brain switches off, screaming at me to do something else, for instance, ‘story, story, story!’

How long?

Eight more weeks, minimum (‘cos I did too much and caused a slip in the cast *grimace*). This is the end of week one (I think; the brain is a little fuzzy on chronology of reality).

And yes, still studying, so that’s where most of the one-handed typing ends up. Stuff for that, not for me.

24 thoughts on “Delays or Opportunities

    • The one thing we can’t rush is the time it takes to heal … I’ll have to try to be patient.
      Thank you for enjoying the rambling. I’m happy there are more of us in the world who enjoy taking a quick wander down the less-lit path.

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      • Yes, I really felt a lot of pain when I broke my wrist. It was a complicated break and took quite a while to heal. It is hard to go with that and accept it.
        I was doing an art course at the time. Figuring how to write and paint with my non dominant hand was a real challenge. Towards the end of the healing process I came to see that using my non dominant hand so much somehow triggered a creative breakthrough. My art style changed radically.
        In my opinion I think wandering down the less-lit paths is where we find unique treasures. 🙂

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      • Oooooh, what a good thought. I’ll have to pursue that line and see if being left dominant changes the ‘style’ or context.
        I’ll keep that snippet of wisdom (and get someone to write it up on my board!) to remind me that this is, indeed, an opportunity if I keep going with the positive context.
        Thank you.

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  1. I wish I could offer something to ‘help’. Sadly, I can’t think of anything, and even if I could, I’m sure you’ve already given it a go. All I can offer is the hope that your tech reading will stand you in good stead once the 8 weeks is up. And maybe one more thing, sometimes the brain needs fallow time. Clearly not for the techie stuff but for the creative stuff. I’ll bet anything that by the time you can type comfortably again, your brain will be supercharged with new story ideas. Always a silver lining. 🙂

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