Pop-Ups on Litopia – It’s Today!

Yes, it really is today, at 5pm (or 1700 hrs) London time (you need to check the time for your zone, because for me, it’s sometime after zero-dark-hundred and before sparrow-fart (around 0130 in the blessed apres midis)).

Your Chance to see what professional writers, editors, publishers, agents have to say about submissions from authors.

No risk, no outlay, no one picking on your work.

That’s because it’s my story going up tonight – plus four others, and with a variety of genres discussed – and you get to see how it all comes together. Well, the first 700 words of it, anyway.

The important stuff:

What they say, why they say it, and how the genius room reacts to the pieces.

All live. As they hear it for the first time. Instant reactions, with reasons.

And if you’re a member of Litopia, you can vote.

You get to have a say, vote, and make a difference.

Join Litopia (it’s free) to vote or join the discussion (on the chat line), or watch on YouTube, maybe subscribe … or maybe submit your  piece for Pop-Ups.

Today’s submissions are:
* The Grantston Chronicles: Expedition to Mandowar – Fantasy-science fiction by Asmus Neergaard;
* Dustria – Fantasy by Madhurika Sankar;
* The Big Broke Break – New Adult Fiction by Lauren Wallsh;
* Dogs of London – Contemporary Thriller with animal rights themes by SM Worsey;
* Blackened Rose – urban fantasy/crime fiction by Cage Dunn.

Featuring Special Guests bestselling author Sara Grant and Annie Summerlee!

Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon EST Make a submission: https://subs.litopia.com Audio podcast: https://pop.litopia.com Our Narrators: https://voice.litopia.com Vote on today’s show: https://vote.litopia.com #writingcommunity #writingtips

Shall I save you a seat? I’ll try to be there, I will, I will, but even if I’m not, you can tell me what you think.

Even if you can’t make it, have a look at some of the earlier videos, see what you can learn, find out how readers respond to each piece – no holds barred, no secret recipe.

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