A New Page!

Some people turn over a new leaf, some turn over a full page, but I’m going to add a page! At least to this site.

It’s not up yet, still in the design phase, but before long there will be — drumroll, please — a

Copywriter Page

Yes, I know. Sounds like a lot of hype. Advertising? Marketing? What’s that about? I hear you ask.

In return, let me ask you a question:

How hard is it to get readers to read my/your books?

I can only speak for myself, and the answer isn’t going to surprise other writers.

In response, and knowing I can’t afford blanket advertising, I took on finding out how to do it myself, and read widely before starting a content course, followed by a copywriting course.

Guess what?

Copywriting is fun.

Who knew? It’s precise. It’s making a short, sharp, very particular story aimed at a designated audience.

It’s writing of the short kind that I can do, and I loved it.

Which means I’m going to add a page to this site and put ‘Copywriter’ on the tab (already done two jobs, which almost paid for the course!).

As for the novel writing, that will not stop, but now I may have a way to make a few more sales. And if not, at least I can put my sign on the peg and beg for a bit of bread to keep the writing and publishing of the long form going. Yes, there were times I was about to quit and give it all up.

Not any more.

Now, I’m more than a teller-of-tall-tales, I’m also a creative copywriter.

Want to see the spiel?

Here’s a first draft (which is currently with a few clear-eyed critiquers for comments):


If you’re ready to talk to your market, you’ll need strong words to get their attention.

Whether you’re looking at creating or using:

  • a sales spiel (under 201 words)
  • a newsletter  (under 501 words)
  • a web page (product/service or landing page) (under 501 words)
  • a blog post (under 501 words)
  • an introduction to what you can do for your target market (under 501 words)
  •      or
  • any other form of getting the right people to read the news you have for them

You need to shape the words to entice, hook, intrigue, and that create strong SEO for your business.

If that’s what you want, who you gonna call?

A super-hero copywriter who ensures the spiel fits the purpose, sparks the right audience to click that button and find you at the end of their entertaining and short read.

Contact me soon (limited timeslots available) to see how easy it can be.

Tell me what you think. All opinions welcome, and I appreciate every comment.

The cast is still on the right hand, so things are taking longer than the best-laid plans, but that page should be up and dancing sometime soon.

It’s the same principles as storytelling, so I feel comfortable and inspired, and by limiting the services I won’t impinge on the novel writing! It’s not a long stretch of road from publishing urban fantasy noir (the Black novel will be released this year) to writing copy to bring the reader to the party!

… All pics from pixabay (you know I can’t do pics!).

20 thoughts on “A New Page!

  1. You don’t need “Whether you’re looking at creating or using:”, I think, because that’s implied from the list you’re about to show. Or, you could write something into the very top if you feel you might lose someone.

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  2. Before the Internet, advertising was complex. You’ve been inside this world for a while, and you know your product best. I think it’s a great step. Your only disadvantage, is being a parent to your children. Can you divorce them and see them as a stranger would? – Michael

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  3. Brilliant Cage. A well-pivoted move. I’m sure your skills will be highly sought after!

    I’m on here even less these days, thanks to a wonderful, albeit full-time, role. This new role also means that my own writing is suffering, and I wonder will I ever finish this current draft of my ms. Lockdown will help of course, as I don’t have kids’ sporting commitments over the weekends.

    Hope you’re well 🙂

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