Melbourne Noir Novel: Blackened Rose

Do you read noir? How about Contemporary Australian neo noir? Well, here it is.

A bit earlier than planned, but there’s this thing, StorytellerUK2021, and I was talked into publishing the story for that. It means it’s only available on Amazon for the duration of the competition.

Update: Free on Amazon Sept 3-5!

Would you like to take a look?

Mind, though, it’s not on the right side of the law …

Ah, I see you’ve reached the point you’ll try anything. Anyone.
Have you heard of the Black? No? I didn’t think so. Most people wouldn’t want to, you see.
He deals with problems no one else can or will. He always finds what he’s looking for … You wanna speak with him?
You’ll need an intro, and I can help you with that, but I have to ask if what you want is worth the weight of your soul … ‘cos that may be the price he takes.
Yes? Okay, I’ll lead you to that dark path, but keep your thoughts and fears hidden deep inside or he’ll suck all your secrets into his armoury to use against you. For as long as you’re useful, that is.
I say again, keep your mind closed, and your back against the wall, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Black is the underworld manipulator. He’s drawn to the allure of his visitor’s secrets and takes her case to sniff out the money-value. But when his best investigator betrays Black — and to the law! — he digs deeper, finding nothing, nothing, and more nothing, which means there’s something of interest in there, and he has to find it, have it, know it.
To keep the person who’s the centre of the secret under his nose, he sets her up on another job until he gets what he wants — the reason people are willing to die to hide for what she’s looking for.

This is Book One of the Blackened Series.

Going free for five days in September – watch this space!

Looks like I’ll need to finish the prequel and Book 2 right soon … but I’d love to hear what you think of Blackened Rose even if it’s a comment on the blurb/description.

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe, and good reading!

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