Do you love contemporary neo-noir?

And the criminal element of the genre, with a touch of supernatural skills? Speculative contemporary neo-noir set in Melbourne, Australia.

If that’s your blood rising, then this is the story for you. And it’s free 3-5 September 2021 (PDT zone) only!

Now 1-2 October 2021 (PDT zone) only!

What is it about? It’s about a man, the man they call the Black.

Black is the underworld manipulator. He’s drawn to the allure of his visitor’s secrets and takes her case to sniff out the money-value. But when his best investigator betrays Black — and to the law! — he digs deeper, finding nothing, nothing, and more nothing, which means there’s something of interest in there, and he has to find it, have it, know it.

Desperate people with secrets to protect call in the man who deals with problems no one else can or will. He’s the shady negotiator, the Black, whose price may be more than the weight of a soul.

And a young woman asks to meet him to find the information hidden from her. She asks a friend for help.

“Ah, I see you’ve reached the point you’ll try anything. Anyone.
Have you heard of the Black? No? I didn’t think so. Most people wouldn’t want to, you see.
He deals with problems no one else can or will. He always finds what he’s looking for … You wanna speak with him?
You’ll need an intro, and I can help you with that, but I have to ask if what you want is worth the weight of your soul … ‘cos that may be the price he takes.
Yes? Okay, I’ll lead you to that dark path, but keep your thoughts and fears hidden deep inside or he’ll suck all your secrets into his armoury to use against you. For as long as you’re useful, that is.
I say again, keep your mind closed, and your back against the wall, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Against his better judgement, Black takes on the case for Liana Benit, who wants to clear her father’s name in a case that intrigues his empathic sense of more. Black expects the case to be a quick turnaround, but when his man dies for betrayal, Black takes on the job himself, only to find too much nothing, which always means something.

But he’s always busy, so when a friend needs help with an urgent matter, Black hires Ms Benit for her professional and supernatural expertise, and to keep her within his purview, even though she’s dangerous — if she gets inside his head and learns his deepest, blackest secrets, he’ll have to deal with her as an enemy.

When he finds what underlies this secret that’s so buried it takes four deaths, a couple of visions and a double-empath pact to dig it up, will it be the secret so dangerous it tempts him to give up the game?

Or is this the first step to cleaning up the mess he inherited from his father?

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  1. Damn, missed the freebie! Have one in the can about a 100 year old conspiracy, psychedelic nerve gas, an angry ghost and the blues guitar playing ex spy who solves the unspeakable and spins them for the crown.
    Damn… Need to pay more attention!

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