Flower Day — Spring Equinox

In the southern hemisphere, today is the Spring Equinox. To the northerners, it’s the Autumn/Fall equinox.

But we have something special in Adelaide for Spring Equinox.

We have Flower Day.

Yep. Have a look at the Adelaide City Council’s play (although I prefer the Botanic Gardens version of Flower Day).

Unfortunately, both these sites lack a lot of what we might see. There are no pictures (the one daisy stem doesn’t quite make it sing, in my mind).

I love the idea of flower day, especially on the Spring Equinox. I could show them my garden, where the Cherry blossom dances pale petals across the sky as honeyeaters flit through the delicate branches. Or the guava flowers emerging from the buds. The lorikeets and rosellas will be here soon, to rip those flowers apart for the sweet nectar (they behave like drunks in a pub, and just as loud!), and the citrus trees are flowering, which is the most heady scent in the world (to me). Oh, and the mango, although I don’t know if the flowers have an aroma (the tree is up on an embankment and I have a broken wrist, so can’t climb up there).

That’s not all. Daisies by the armful, roses in bud, succulents spreading softly scented waves from unsteady stems.

Or the spring crocuses.

Or the plum trees. Oh, and the apples and pear trees. Heady scent at the front door.

So many to choose from, and yet, for Flower Day in Adelaide, they show none on the sites to find out more.

I’d like to see at least an example of what’s out there. Please. Just a bunch of pictures with wild spring blooms to inspire me to reach out and touch …

Spring Equinox in Adelaide, Australia and it's Flower Day!
from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Flower Day — Spring Equinox

  1. Here in the Northern hemisphere, in the upper Midwest, I have never seen a mango tree or its flower, although we do have apples, cherries, pears and peaches. Also we have no lorikeets. But then, Australia has a reputation for different life forms. Anyway, enjoy flower day–we’ve finally gotten a break from the heat, but almost overnight it’s beginning to feel like winter.

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    • I hope you get an indian summer, rather than a rapid change to cold.
      And, although I love watching the birds, there are a few trees that sacrifice their flowers or fruit just for them. We tend to alternate which trees we leave available, and the bird-pruning does a better job if you count the fruit the following year, so despite the noise and mess and destruction, it all works out in the end.
      Enjoy the cool nights. I’ll think of your weather when we’re in the middle of a nasty 50C summer day.


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