He Cultivates Your Secrets

He’s the man, the Black, and he works the night to find the price of a soul.
Why would Liana Benit seek out such a man? He’ll ruin her life, her future, and her dreams.
Why does she seek him?
Because she needs to find the truth to set the memory of her father’s soul free. Because family matters.

Free on Amazon 1-2 October, 2021, PDT. Last chance. Take it.

Blackened Rose, the first in the Blackened Series. An Australian contemporary neo noir speculative novel, so close you dare not look too deep into his eyes …

Book Cover: Blackened Rose, a man's face in close up, dark, dark eyes staring out, and a blood-red rose below
Meet the shady negotiator, the man who deals with problems no one else can. Or will. The price? More than the weight of a soul.
Liana Benit has reached the stage where she’ll try anything. Anyone. But at what cost?
Or maybe the Black is taking on something beyond even his skills …

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