17 thoughts on “In the Throes of Creating a New Short Story

  1. Have you ever thought of writing a story around the Hanging Rock Cage?

    I remember visiting that location back in 1974 when l was 11 – it was a remarkable place, and of course the mystery/story – fact or fiction and so on as it is interpreted today was a very different story / legend way back into my yesterday’s. I remember reading the novel by J. Lindsay 1967 before going to visit that year.

    Back then l was intrigued and a visit one Sunday captivated me completely – l wanted to believe … years later and whilst l now know the ‘true story’ was fictious, it still lingers in my memory.

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    • There are true stories about that location that no one will ever believe.
      I visited there at midnight on a full moon and climbed to the top (it wasn’t part of a group, I have to admit). That is one scary place, and the voices you hear coming from the gaps between the rocks are clear – but not the words they say.

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