A Truth

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A deep sigh, followed by a few keys tapped. A deeper sigh. My thumbs are healing. So slow. Too slow. How can a writer not write?

I’m with Franz Kafka. I’m a monster, grumpy, suffering severe bouts of COF Syndrome (that’s cranky old fart syndrome in case you want to use it), and my writing is currently being done with one middle finger of each hand (the casts on each hand stop the others being useful — and I still have to use a thimble on each to make it just long enough to give the bird to each key pressed without also pressing the keys either side, or above/below).

Anyway, I’m not able to write enough, and the one-finger salute feels rude to both me and the written content.

But … I’ll be back … back … back …

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  1. I hope that this phase shall pass soon. I hear you about the COF syndrome though. That was me for a few weeks when I strained my lower back and was not able to ride. I am back riding now and my husband is glad to see the end of the COF!

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