December, 2021

And what awaits us in the next year?

As an ever-hopeful soul (put that scowl away!), I’m hoping 2022 is calmer, shorter, less fretful than the last two years.

I want people to care about others, to take care in how they interact with the world, to enjoy something in each moment of every day.

Hope, that’s what it is. A little bit of hope. That’s what I want for next year.

A short post to say I’m still here, still doing bits and pieces (the scrolling kills my hands, though, so avoiding using mouse and constant hand actions until the hands heal a bit more).

Subbed two short stories last month, and one very short story yesterday. It feels like a lot compared to October, but there’s a bit of stuff to catch up on … and never enough time. Or bikkies. Need more bikkies, scones, coffee, icecream.

And it’s summer in Australia. The days are long and hot, the nights short and warm. The dog’s older, more wary of how she moves, fussy in what she eats (is a lack of smell a worse condition for a dog than blindness? I think so, cos she adapts to the not seeing but won’t eat if she can’t smell her food), and the world is opening up.

We’ve eaten all the cherries from the tree (the ones the birds didn’t get), the loquats got hammered by hail and left for the birds (best tasting fruit since forever and ruined by a late and vicious storm), and the guava is flowering for the parrots (saw an all-green parrot with a red beak yesterday – will have to look up what it is).

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I’ll be doing a beta read of an anthology this month, too, so watch out for the discussions on the stories.

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  1. Good to see and read you are still in the land of the living even if a bit battered still 🙂

    Take it easy and YES let’s hope 22 is better for all of us and you too 🙂

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