Want some reads for the holidays?

5th Annual Smashwords End of Year Sale!

December 17, 2021 – January 1, 2022

My books on Smashwords, discounted (all prices USD):

Call to Magic, now $1.49 until 1 Jan 2022
Awaken, spirit of Maiden, soul of purity, heart of empath. Come, seek your true purpose. If you dare.

Seeking, now free until 1 Jan 2022
What is it we seek?
A sense of wonder, a search for meaning, for more …

Herja, Devastation, now $1.49 until 1 Jan 2022
The legend of Valkyrie breathes, as Herja, Devastation, once wronged, aims her mortal agent at her enemies.
In the dirty business of death on demand, a purity of purpose lights the path as he seeks questions, provides answers and justice on her word.

Diaballein, now $1.49 until 1 Jan 2022
The Diaballein’s sole purpose is to open a gateway to this world for his brethren — and the stone cracks, and they come …
Slavery, torture, death — that’s what they bring …

The Old Woman & the Mad Horse, now free until 1 Jan 2022.
A damaged ex-covert operative seeks the quiet life but has to deal with the niggling problems from the last job.

Many others to choose from, have a look around, see what piques your holiday fancy, or try something new and intriguing.

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