Rayne Hall – Author Interview and Review

Rayne has a couple of stories in the Among the Headstones anthology. I'm going to do a review of Behind Him. This interview was provided for me, written by Rayne (I'm sure I've said enough about the problem with RSI, tendonosis, arfuritis, etc. with my thumbs, wrists and stuff) and I'm very pleased to show you her … Continue reading Rayne Hall – Author Interview and Review

Myk Pilgrim – Author Interview & Review

The story in the Among the Headstones anthology is A Bag Full of Flesh by Myk Pilgrim, and if you like different, this is definitely that, and a bit more. The interview is by Rayne Hall, and I’ll do a review at the end. INTERVIEW: MYK PILGRIM (compiled by Rayne Hall, 14 January 2022) What’s your experience of … Continue reading Myk Pilgrim – Author Interview & Review

FFF … Again

It's not being rude, honest. In fact, I've talked about it before. It? The human reaction cycle: Freeze, Flight, Fight. Freeze is always first: Stand still and the danger won't see me. It also gives time to assess the situation, to decide whether to slowly sink down or sidle across to the darker shadows and … Continue reading FFF … Again