32 thoughts on “A Farewell, Friend, Until …

  1. I’m Sorry. I went outside with the dogs yesterday (first time in months) and they were happy to have me out there. I was watching my old man, who is losing muscle mass in his hindquarters, and getting up or laying down is a chore for him now. He’s a big dog (his vet’s classification) and he’s 12. I am old enough to realize he and I are about the same age now. He’s edging ahead of me a bit. It’s a sobering thought. I am sorry for your loss.

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      • I know how you feel, two and some years on from Scrappy and l miss her everyday. I have her ashes here and l say good morning and goodnight daily to her alongside Dora and Jakey [other dogs of mine] and l am often thinking about Scrappy. I miss her so much, when she left it just emptied me.

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