For National Book Lovers Day …

Okay, so I’m not in the US, but a book lovers day should be spread around, so whether you’re in the northern hemisphere or the southern, on the equator or at the poles, I’ve pulled a few together for your pleasurable – or petrifying – perusal.

A short list, a few to choose on the day, from horror to self-help to erotica (tucked way down the end, so don’t say I didn’t warn you):

A little touch of the horrors to help you through the day …

or a dark romance

And if you’re a writer looking for ways to improve your craft, how about these new titles from Rayne Hall:

No. 1 New Release!! You better believe I’m getting that one.

Go any further, and it gets hot-hot-hot!

Paranormal Romance, a bit on the sexy side? How about this series:

Raunchier still!

Interplanetary, perhaps?

I sincerely hope you enjoy a book (or two) on National Book Day, 2022, regardless of what type of story you like to read.

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