What to Toss, and When

Spring is the time of Spring cleaning. Decision time. Throw stuff out, donate stuff that’s never used, repurpose stuff that’s failing its current use.

And the big question:

New doonas and covers?

What’s in the house already? Several wool doonas, aptly named fluffies. Several cotton doonas, best for between season weather. And two cotton-waffle blankets inside doona covers.

The cotton doonas have their covers sewn on at top and bottom (because I hate doona slippage inside the covers. The fluffies have a couple of stitches in each corner (too hard to sew into such thick woolly stuff).

Washing the waffle blankets inside their permanent cover is easy. In the wash, on the line, folded into a small package to await the hot weather.

The fluffies get a good airing, an occasional (annual) clean, and their covers get a good wash and fold and stored for the cold weather.

But the cotton doonas … one got a big tear in the cover, and being somewhat lackadaisical, I waited until it was more hole than cover before I unpicked it and tossed the remains in the compost bin (cotton composts, especially if it’s cut up into smaller pieces).

Time to check the condition of what hid inside the cover.

Hmmmmm. A bit grungy, but a wash should fix it. In the wash it went, and I ‘uncovered’ the second cotton doona. Same condition – in the wash it goes.

Hung up, dried, and brought inside. It’s not too bad, and if I put the cover on so what was previously the button end is now the chin end, it might last another couple of years.

Then my niece came over. She picked them up, sniffed, and ran out to toss them in the bin.

“Hey,” I yell and grab them back. “They’ll take these at the animal rescue, won’t they?”

And what did she do? Have you seen someone tear a phone book in half? Well, that’s what she did.

The cotton doonas went in the bin, and now I have to look for two new cotton doonas, and covers, hopefully, of good enough quality to last another 24 years.

Bloody spring cleaning — who ever thought that was a good idea had a good marketing strategy.

And tomorrow we deny all the resident spiders a rest home for the warm seasons.

Min has to choose a doona

17 thoughts on “What to Toss, and When

  1. I love a post about doonas! My Mum splurged and bought the first feather doonas available in Australia because in Hungary, EVERYONE sleeps with a doona. Unfortunately they were channelled so nowhere near enough actual feather in them.
    When my childhood doona finally gave up the ghost I bought a kilo bag of feathers, some japara fabric and began the tradition of making my own. But my doonas are just a sack filled with feathers/down. No channels. You have to shake it each day but at least you don’t have to mess with straightening sheets and tucking them in.
    Long live the doona. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. We don’t own a doona. They’re called comforters here, but we don’t own a comforter, either! We sleep under a cotton sheet in the summer and throw on a blanket when the weather turns cold. Usually the four cats plus one blanket and thick socks are enough to keep us warm in the winter.

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