Please Pay in Crypto Currency

Several pages of junk, all with the same message: You have been hacked, pay up now, and please pay in crypto currency’, or words to that effect, followed by the threat of consequences from non-payment in a timely fashion.


Yes, I meant that. Swearing comes naturally to me when confronted by idiots, thieves, and any other form of slug that thinks the world owes them something for nothing.


Not only do I not have the monetary value of their request, and even if I had anything worth the ransom demanded, I wouldn’t do it.

Why not? Some people say it would save time and effort. Whose time? Whose effort?

Not mine. I can start again from nothing. Done it before, more than once, more than the count of fingers (maybe both hands). It’s simple. You stand up, swear at the world, and then do what you need to do.

It doesn’t take stealing, lying, cheating, or browbeating others. It’s just me and my sweat and shaking up the old grey matter. And I have something they don’t – the knowledge that I don’t leave breadcrumbs for sleazoids to find. I’m the person who never uses my real name, my real birthday, my real anything. Even if you came to my house and ratted through my garbage, you’d find nothing (except cat poo, but you’re welcome to that). I’m the person who takes all things delivered and removes the address label (anything that can identify me, even if most of them don’t have my real name on them), rips them into small pieces and composts them in the hot-waste bin (rapid breakdown).

So, to all those who think they can get something for nothing — FU to the power of 100 (that’s a googol of zeroes). I hope you get it one day, when you feel safe and secure and settled in your comfort. I will cheer.

Or better yet, I’ll write a story of your demise, and trust me, I know how to dish out endings of pain and suffering.

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14 thoughts on “Please Pay in Crypto Currency

  1. I know how you feel as hackers got into my computer and they planted a Ransome Virus, which encrypted all of my files and made then unusable. They demanded a payment in crypto currency, but I could never trust anyone who has stolen something from me, so I told them to F off. I lost a lot of stuff that I wish I still had, but I reasoned that if I gave into their demands that would just encourage them to keep on hacking other people. They are too lazy to get a real job and these scumbags are intent on creating havoc. I did invest in a firewall after this, but I did get hack again and the next time someone stole my email address, so I had to get a new one.

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  2. They’re at least still welcomed to the cat poo from your garbage. Cat poo! 😸Plll-pllll-pllp-plop-pllp-pllllll-pfffffffff

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