Don’t Miss Out!

It’s coming up quick, speeding downhill as an unstoppable force. Yes, it’s that time of year. Christmas, holidays, the season when the old year ends and a new one begins … and what happened to the plans made at the beginning of this year?

Well, I think I wrote them down somewhere, and I think I’ve kept to the schedule (can you hear the inner self going, ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’? Yeah, me, too). Oh, I remember! I wrote them on the whiteboard and when I had a clean out of the study, I also wiped that board clean, so it’s not my fault if there was something on there that’s now gone to pixie dust.

Plans. I make ’em, break ’em, mould ’em, shake ’em, but I never stick to ’em. Why fight the nature of the beast?

The thing is that I love making list-thingies. I love making big plans, aiming high, going for the big mountain. Why? Sometimes, it’s just to see if I can. Sometimes, it’s to make sure I don’t just sit and watch others achieve their aims for the year. I have things I want to do before I die, and they’re not done yet, so better get the skates on and get rolling.

Yeah, I don’t want to miss out on the dreams, goals, and achievements of a life well-lived. I want to aim high, fail with some level of spectacular splash that’s noticed, even if just for the effort, and I want to tick a few boxes off that list of things that mean something.

What do you do?

Are you going to check back on that list you made for this year?

Are you going to make a new list in the new year, and are you sure you’re going to do at least one of those things?

Aim high! Land hard, learning something along the way. Show the youngers how it’s done with style and panache, even if not with grace. Do it, and make it look like the fun of a life well-lived, well-earned, and paid for in blood, bruises, sweat and tears.

Oh, to be young again and know then what I know now.

What trails will you break? What are you going to do to leave your mark on the world?

10 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out!

    • I understand. Goals are desires, not necessities, but having a measure of achievement? Worth the effort.
      And I’m going to try to enjoy the festive season, but really, it drives me a bit bonkers. I keep telling myself it’ll be better than last year.

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  1. I don’t make ‘New Year’s Resolution’ type plans because I’d kick myself all year if I didn’t accomplish them. I just decide what I want to accomplish, long term, and try to get a little bit closer to the goal every day. Ok, not so with the writing at the moment, but I’m accomplishing stuff in other areas so I’m not too miffed at myself. 😀

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  2. You’ve got to tick off a few Bucket List items. I have two more books under my belt (and more on the way) May they long outlast me (Ha!) if only I were 50 years younger knowing what I know now- but… these are strange days to be living in. I hope that the planet survives for a good old time – and its health and inhabitants improve.
    One can only hope.

    Good luck with list-ticking, Cage.


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