Party Time

This weekend is special. It’s a New Year, a New Plan, a New … ah, bugger it. Let’s just party.

There’s the big event at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House – spectacular! But I don’t live in Sydney (that’s a good thing, in my mind – this would be a loud, loud, loud event).

Every city, most major regional centres, and some smaller towns, will put on their best show this weekend. It’s a strange moment, as the weather has been cooler than normal, and the bushfire risk isn’t as high as it usually is at this time of year.

It will come, but not this weekend. Except maybe in Adelaide. Where I live.

Not that I like fireworks. It’s always meant lost dogs and missing pets posts all over the place. Animals don’t like the noises, and they panic. That’s why I don’t like fireworks.

Yes, it’s pretty to look at, lovely to watch on telly, but I won’t be going. I’ll have a bbq in the back yard and watch the skies for the bright lights in the distance. That’s enough.

I hope you have a great party celebrating the New Year, whether you do it on the day before, on the first day, or even by watching it online or telly. Just plan for a good year, smile, and take that first step into a New something moment.


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16 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. In my younger days I went to a few of those spectacular spectaculars at the Opera House … woldn’t’ve missed them for quids 😀 … but now … safe and snug here it the snowy north, I’m going to share a glass of wine with my honey and bid a heartfelt farewell to a bastard of a year. 😀

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  2. We watched NYE on TV, thoroughly disgruntled that we couldn’t see the Melbourne fireworks. They /never/ show Melbourne. Always that dratted bridge. -grumble-
    Hope your celebrations were safe and happy…and quiet. lol

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    • Not quiet, but not too loud. Most of the nasty noises finished just after 12, with only one or two in the wee hours.
      When I lived in Melbourne, I went to see the fireworks a few times, but the trouble is getting home afterward.

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      • Yeah, the crowds are something else. I’ve only been into the city on NYE twice. The first time was awful as the Offspring [toddler] was almost crushed by a group of drunken louts determined to push their way through people packed like sardines. The second time was glorious. NYE 2000 on the banks of the Yarra, everyone in a wonderful mood singing and dancing, the city lit up like a christmas tree…-sigh- We really do have beautiful fireworks.

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