Cover Reveal–Demonic Summoning for the Modern Woman

I read a pre-release of this story and loved it – maybe you will too. Highly recommended.

Robinne Weiss

I’m thrilled to be able show you this fabulous cover (designed by the awesome Jenn Rackham) for my upcoming cosy urban fantasy!

Alex Blackburn is not a witch.

So how the hell did she summon a demon?

More importantly, how is she going to get rid of it?

When Alex Blackburn returns to small-town Rifton to settle her grandmother’s estate, she doesn’t expect to uncover Gran’s secret affair or to accidentally summon a giant centipede from the netherworld.

With a pet-eating demon on the loose, Gran’s things to dispose of, and only two weeks off work, she doesn’t have time to waste. Getting rid of the creature is her first priority.

Shelby Saunders, grandson of Gran’s lover, might just be the one to help her. If she can convince him the demon is real.

Can two people who don’t believe in magic conjure enough of it to send a demon…

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Author Interview – Nikki Tait

And here's another author for you to try. She's one of the contributors to the anthology, too. British Horror author Nikki Tait is one of the writers whose stories are featured in the anthology The Haunted Train: Creepy Tales from the Railways. Today, she tells us about real-life creepy experiences and what she likes to … Continue reading Author Interview – Nikki Tait

Happy [cheery, merry, joyful, jocular, gleeful] birthday, Peter

Bookish? Looking to buy a gift? … make sure you read every pathway on the last one!

bluebird of bitterness

A little bibliophile humor today in honor of the birthday of Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869), author of Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition.

See more of Tom Gauld’s cartoonshere.

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Author Interview – Clint Spivey

Short story author Clint Spivey talks about train travel and paranormal experiences in Japan and his story published in the new anthology The Haunted Train: Creepy Tales from the Railways. What are trains and railway stations like in Japan where you live? Trains are cold, impersonal places where passengers who attempt a conversation are immediately … Continue reading Author Interview – Clint Spivey

Wednesday’s Day

For: - with the following lines: She thought she heard his voice in the hallway outside of her apartment, so she immediately… with the exception of the first word, because I never start a story with a name or pronoun, and with a slight variation on the wording ... forgive me, Fandango. A voice … Continue reading Wednesday’s Day

Author Interview: Krystal Garrett

Krystal Garrett is one of the writers whose stories are featured in the soon-to-be-published anthology The Haunted Train: Creepy Tales from the Railways.  Here she answers our questions about trains, personal fears and Gothic literature. - Psst! She's also in one of my writing groups. What fascinates you about trains? Their journey. Where are they … Continue reading Author Interview: Krystal Garrett