Wednesday’s Day

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She thought she heard his voice in the hallway outside of her apartment, so she immediately…

with the exception of the first word, because I never start a story with a name or pronoun, and with a slight variation on the wording … forgive me, Fandango.

A voice echoed in the hallway outside Sindy’s apartment – his voice, so she grabbed the key to the gun locker, loaded both pistols, put a double round in the shotgun, and took up a stance a few feet back from the door. He thought he was dangerous, that people needed to fear him, but Sindy wasn’t some town girl to be cowed by a bully. The first time he’d smacked a girl outside the school where Sindy taught, she’d yelled at him. That’s when he made the first threat.

“If you want to play with the venomous snakes, girlie, just keep that up and get bit.”

What did this city kid know about venom, let alone snakes. His tatt showed a python, not even venomous. They got big, sure, and a bite would hurt, but not much in the way of venom.

“Hey, girlie, wanna let me in to play?”

Yep, that was him. Sindy used the tip of the shotgun barrel to lift the clamp from Wednesday’s closet. “Hungry?” she whispered. The reticulated python tasted the air with her tongue, and slid over the edge of the bulletproof glass case. She lay on the timber floor and rippled her muscles.

“If you come in here, bucko, you’ll be the sorriest a-hole in the world.”

“Oh, them’s fightin’ words, girl.”

The door thundered and cracked near the lock, one hinge splintered from its place. A boot showed itself through the hole, and Sindy smiled. He’d do one more kick, and burst in, and that was all Wednesday needed to locate the warm body.

Metal pieces of the lock flew through the air as the door burst open, and the idiot surged inside, his glaring eyes focused on Sindy and not at the floor. He tripped, fell forward. Wednesday snatched his neck in her jaws and bit down, her body circling the warm body from the neck down, enfolding the arms within the coils, wrapping more and more until only the head remained in view. Like every python the world over, Wednesday squashed her prey, squeezed the life out him. A slow and painful way to comprehend herpetology.

It took a few hours, and Sindy watched the process to ensure nothing snagged on Wednesday’s teeth. She separated a few coils and removed the phone, belt, and knife. Nothing else she could reach, but they were the dangerous things.

Maybe it was time for Sindy to get a bigger apartment, because that lump in Wednesday’s belly wasn’t going to fit in her current accommodations.

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