The Big Question

Beg for forgiveness, or ask permission?

I made an avatar from a photo. They only do the faces, but I wanted more. I didn’t want to look too young, or too old. The shape of the brow is important, the shape of the chin and jaw, the cheekbones – all important. But none of the avatars do these well, so I went looking for a sculpture that better represented the inner self I’m closer to than the avatar.

I came up with a couple.

One is an angel. Have a look.

That’s one look I’d go with if I were an angel – bored. I’d be looking for trouble, having fun, and not bothering to ask permission, which means I’d be begging forgiveness – if I got caught. Most of the time I don’t get caught, so why not have some fun?

Then I found a stronger closeness to my inner self. You may laugh, but some people would call me a dragon, or a fire-breathing monster, or something like that, so I quite like it. It’s a good warning to those who need to check the ground they walk on for hot coals if they’re thinking of doing the wrong thing.

I may be repentant once I’ve been caught in the act of an explosive moment (or such things as people might refer to as temper), but the remorse would go on the kisser and I’d beg forgiveness. Again.

Looks like I’m not the type to ask permission too often.

So what is your type: Angel or Dragon, or something else?

12 thoughts on “The Big Question

    • Maybe channel a cat and do it once – cos I’ve never known a cat to ask permission. They do what they want to do, then sit back with the look of nonchalance when the deed is discovered – or askance at the dog, as it’s always the dog’s fault!


  1. Ugh…what a hard question. I /always/ ask permission so I’m not sure what that makes me. A worker bee? But I do have a temper, even if it takes a while to ‘blow’ so…maybe a fire ant. 😀

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