A visual aspect of the future – is it sunset or sunrise?

For me, it’s sunset, because all my life the sun has set over the ocean and risen over the desert. But both are beautiful, both stark and colourful and full of promise. Whether dawn or dusk, it’s the spectrum of hope and possibility.

Sunset is time to settle down after the day, to count the blessings, to partake of good food, good company, and to shelter together. Time to tell tales around the fire, or to listen to others share their experiences.

Sunrise is the time to look to the future, whether for the day, the week, or year or lifetime. It’s the time to prepare both mind and body for forward movement, even if it’s into the unknown. It’s the time to show the younger people how to step forward with a spring in the step and a grin on the kisser.

Life, as depicted by this famous image, is about possibility.

What are you looking forward to?

Yes, another short piece, but I’m most likely on my way home now so I’ll see you soon.

6 thoughts on “Possibility

  1. I’m on the sunset side of life (well, you know, unless I live to 120 or something). I see a sunset and am encouraged by all the old people still doing amazing things. Did you know Herman Wouk wrote his last book when he was 100? A hundred!

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